Don’t want to hustle anymore

I have been doing more marketing and it’s working! My client numbers are finally back in the range I want them to be in. Now I am launching a membership program to scale things up!

But….I worked until 10:45pm last night and have been sacrificing workouts and meal prep. I feel awful about this.

I really want to feel good physically & financially. I want to feel a sense of spaciousness with time. But my current belief is that I have to see 16+ clients a week, create a ton of content, supervise and train staff, do a better job keeping my house clean, meal prep, exercise, be more creative and relaxed, pick up my meditation routine again, maintain my social life, go to bed earlier and find a boyfriend. When I actually map out what I want to do on Google Calendar, it doesn’t all fit.

I have a really hard time accepting that I’d have to drop something that feels non-negotiable. Decision making feels really hard and there’s a lot of fear I will make a decision that will lead to wasted time and delaying revenue growth. Or that I’ll gain weight instead of lose it because I am stress eating due to overworking.

I am wondering what to drop from my schedule. I wonder if I can have it all. I wonder if there is an easier way.

I feel time scarcity and internal pressure to get results fast in all areas of life. I feel pressure to pick something to focus on because if I keep trying to do everything, nothing will get done to my satisfaction. I seem to be picking work at the moment and my health is suffering the consequences.

And I am beating myself up over all of this which I want to stop.

I am not sure where to start and feel uncertain.