Double your bus. target Market/ educating market

I was listening to the Double your Business call and Brooke said to pick a market who is dying and knows they’re dying – ie. doesn’t need to be educated. I am starting a coaching practice helping women heal their relationship with food. I don’t have much of a following on social media so have started with my local community in a small town in Northern Ireland.

Firstly I’ve been calling myself a Food Freedom coach – which I’m a little concerned about because no one will be Googling for a Food Freedom coach.

I’m also feeling as if I do have to educate my market – I’m targeting women 30-50 who have done all the things are still unhappy with their body and weight. They are dying for something different but are just not sure what that is. Enter me.

I’m teaching them that their eating behaviour is really about their relationship with themselves and not just about figuring out what and how much to eat.

I am feeling like this is a total thinking re-shape for many and that I have to do quite a bit of work to get people to think differently about their relationship with food. I’m not sure how successfully I’m doing it.
My equation at the min is 8 asks (I hold free Discovery Calls), I currently have 1 client. I also had 3 people say that they were going to sign up but on reflection they decided it wasn’t the right time/ didn’t have enough money/ etc.

I also held a free hour long workshop last week – I had 12 attendees, which I was happy with . I entitled it ‘Transform your Relationship with Food. ‘ – That seemed to peak a lot of people’s interest as locally 40 people expressed interest in it.

I really grappled with which content to put into the workshop. Do I put stuff that I know that they want to hear or do I put the stuff in that I know is where the work really needs to be. For example – (i believe) people want to hear tips and tricks to get them to stop eating cookies. I talked about becoming aware of your thoughts, emotions, practicing self acceptance etc. It was kind of heavy.
At the end of the workshop I pitched my coaching. Crickets. Though after listening to the call yesterday, I know that I pitched coaching and should have sold the result.

So my questions:
1. How do I find the people that know they’re dying?
2. When I’m doing events/ workshops to introduce people to my coaching should I keep it on the lighter side – ideas that would be more accessible to them where they’re at and get into the heavier stuff once they sign up for coaching? Or just get it all out on the table from the get go?
3. When people say that they can’t afford it etc. – how do I find out what the objection really is. I Brooke says “ask them” but how do I ask them without saying “I know it’s not really about the money so what’s it really about!!?”