Double Your Business in 3 Months Offer – TW

I am a relationship coach. I have had a couple of clients. They enjoyed working with me. I want to be able to be very specific in what result my clients gets. I have started to say I help professional successful women find marriage ready men with ease and joy.

I worry about describing the process in detail or results in detail. The result is love, marriage, finding the right guy. I know they want to get married, find love, complete their dream picture of themselves, after having done it in their career. It’s the thing that is bothering them and is their weak spot.

I am worried about the value that I can bring. I know I can help people. I definitely have. I don’t have a system or a process that I repeat over and over. I just show up and coach. During my time with a client we may cover areas that are useful for them finding love, and we may cover things that are coming up in the moment. How do I offer when I haven’t done it?

I want to offer so much but then feel like I haven’t gotten anyone those results, so I can’t. AND I don’t have a process to repeat, so I can’t. How far do I go when it comes to offering value as a newer coach, and setting myself apart? I am very much in the space of if it comes up I can coach on it, if it doesn’t come up I don’t coach on it, which means results that are missed.