Double Your Business in 3 Months Workshop – Question About My Offer

I am a nutrition coach revamping my sales page to focus on the results they’ll get versus what they receive (1:1 coaching, etc). I am having some resistance here. I am qualified, my methods and style works and I wholeheartedly believe in my coaching ability. I can truthfully say that 98% of my clients who have been completely engaged see results. There’s a small percentage who aren’t engaged and half ass their commitment, thus don’t see results they signed up for. I’m trying to reconcile this with my offer and guarantee. How would Brooke or other LCS coaches advertise this without taking on the full responsibility of the client? Or do I even worry about that? I’m trying to use Scholars as an example. Brooke knows she can change your life with the model. How would she think about it when someone joins SCS and doesn’t fully participate, thus doesn’t change their life?

If I were to do a model:
C: Offer
T: It seems like I am lying by advertising results one should see on the program because of the small percentage that signs up and doesn’t participate.
F: Fraudulent
A: Doesn’t finish offer
R: Nobody signs up