Double your business: The Offer

I have a veterinary clinic and cannot see how I can make offers to generate a yes or a no in this field.
People come to me when their animals are sick or injured or need vaccines.
I do not wish any animals to get sick or injured, so my only idea to be able to apply this tool is to do something else in addition to veterinary medicine.
This would then be another business, and not my current business, so I am back to the fact that I cannot apply this tool in the business I am in fact in.

I have seen this question in another form asked here, and the answer confused me. (Something like “Is this not a beautiful thing, you can pick the parts of the program that applies to your field of work”) , but the part with the offers seems really essential, so I am wondering if I look at this part of the program in the wrong way. I hear in the videos and the call recordings on the topic that “youv’e GOT to make an offer” ! 🙂 Hopefullly you can give me some insight.