Double Your Business – Veterinarian

It might be due to holidays, but my question seems to be lost, so I try again, sorry if double-asking the same thing: I want to apply what is taught in the entrepeneur/double your business modules, but fail to see how you can make an offer and get a yes or no if your business is treating sick or injured animals. I have seen a similar question before, and the answer was confusing (something like: “How fun, you get to pick the parts that apply to your business and decide for yourself which tools to use”).

It seems this is an essential part of the process so I must be missing something about the way I can modify the concept “offer”, and the answer to a such – please explain.
I have tried to figure it out, but all I come up with is that I would have to offer other products or services than direct veterinary medicine if I was to “make an offer”, and that would mean starting a new type of business. What I want is to double my current business, which is clinical veterinary medicine.