Double Your Business – What about a ‘Not Yet’

I understand that we are collecting ‘No’s, and the main point is to learn from the No’s. I have a client who purchased a short package. She seemed happy with the work, but then when we got to our last session and I asked about renewing she said she wanted to ‘wait and integrate for a bit’. It was her first exposure to life coaching and the model. She indicated that she may want to continue at some unspecified time.

I’m wondering if I should follow up and ask about her ‘No’ and what made her decide not to renew now. But my brain is telling me this isn’t a real ‘no’, but a ‘not yet’, and if I write a followup email like this it might turn into a definite no. I’m wondering if I should give her a little window of time to consider and then follow up in a couple of weeks. Then, if it’s really a no I could ask then.

Is a “Not Yet” a ‘No’?
I’m getting very few actual no’s at the moment because I’m not around very many people 1:1 to make direct offers for consults or simply for coaching. So currently most of my no’s are a no response to a post, a group email, or even a personal email. As I write this I realize I’m unclear about what exactly to ask once I get the ‘No’. …