doubting my enrollment for coach certification

I want to become a life coach with the niche of helping autistic men with emotional health (since I am on the spectrum myself).

I waver between being completely thrilled about the thought and saying “you have a completely fine job right now, and you are doing quite a few things already. You will stress yourself to the point where all your eggs will fall out of your basket and all you are left with is a soiled basket.”

I am also doubting that I can work myself out in 6 months in order to be present and available for clients.
In other words, I keep thinking that I should continue with SCS for more time before embarking on certification.

I am trying to speak with relatives and friends about this, but the truth is that only I can decide.

I am afraid of starting yet another thing that I will not finish.
(I did a PhD for 3.5 years and eventually my thesis was rejected, but at that time I had already moved on into a job in a completely different field)