Doubts About My Goals

I’ve become aware of UMs running in the background as I have developed other great IMs that allow me to consistently take income-generating action. This morning’s thought download was all about those background thoughts.

C – Goal: sign three coaching clients this month
T – This is not going to happen for me.
F – Downtrodden
A – Ruminate on past failures; more apt not to stick to calendar; lackluster energy in reaching out; don’t bother meeting new people IRL (if I were solely coming from downtrodden these are the As, but I’ve got enough Commitment and Determination and Eagerness models that get and keep me in action)
R: I fulfill the experience of new clients not happening

C- Did not reach last month’s income goal for biz
T – I don’t believe I will be OK no matter what.
F – Doubt
A – Spend more time on under earning work and my other job, do not call people/leads every day for coaching business
R – I secure my earnings through work I don’t really want to do, but feels safer

C – Goal: sign three clients this month
T – I am a new client anorectic
F – Self-pity/weak
A – Don’t call contacts every weekday (even if it’s just one hour on some days); rehash past failures; don’t make it a priority to talk w people every day
R – I don’t get new clients in a month

C – Goals: 3 clients this month and $100k this year
T – I know who I am and the Power that flows through me.
F – Powerful
A – Call leads and contacts every weekday; dress great feel great every time I leave my home; easily spark conversation and clients out and about
R – I experience myself as someone who consistently reaches her high income and client acquisition goals.