Drama And Confusion In My Career Choices

I have decided since a couple of months now that I need to change something about my job. I have different ideas I’d like to pursue, but all of them are in different directions and I am open to all of them. In my impossible goal I focused on one of the directions. I made a few attempts to move in this direction already but all failed until now. Recently, another career option came up and I am tempted to drop my focus and change direction. However, this other job opportunity is not 100% what I want but it would be a step towards a direction that would be better than my job now.

On the other side, I also have drama about my “dream job” (the one of the impossible goal). I am aware it might require staying for a longer period abroad while being together with my partner is also my top priority. I am somehow torn between pursuing my dream career and being together with my partner. I have been working on trying to change my thought around to believe I can have both at the same time, but I feel the world keeps on telling me that I need to decide.
As a result, I know that my employer can see my drama/indecisiveness and in addition I am not taking any actions to get closer to my dream job.

Thank you so much in advance!