drama over pricing

Hi there, I am a weight loss coach and market myself to dentists. I’m having drama over my pricing. I am just completing an 8-week program for 8 clients. It was a combo of 1:1s with a weekly group coaching session too.

Before this 8 week program that I created, I had about 10 free clients. For the 8 week program, 5 out of the 8 were paid clients – which paid $500 to be part of the program. They all were made aware that I was valuing the 8 week program at $2800 (2k for the 1:1s and 800 for the group component). Yet, I was selling it for $500 because I wanted it to be a no brainer for them to sign on – as I would have still been ok seeing free clients. My goal was to get 4 paid clients, and I got 5. I was pretty excited.

This increased my belief that I could charge and that people would pay me. Also – it was the first time that I was having dentists as clients (which again, is my niche). After having worked with the 10 free clients, but BEFORE stating the 8 week program – I had decided that my package and price was going to be $4500 for 6 months. I had one consult with a prospective client and offered her this package. She said she’d try it on her own, and I didn’t coach her on this. Instead – I later reached out to her and offered her a spot in my 8 week program for $500 and she accepted. No other consults.

At this point – now that my 8 week program is coming to a close- I am planning for a 12-week program starting January (I’d prefer to stick with either 3 or 6 months as 8 weeks seems a bit short). The 12 week program is priced at $2500 with a 100% money back guarantee.

My “impossible goal” is to serve 10 people in this 12-week program. I have two people that have signed at this price (both dentists!) – both that signed and thought the price was reasonable. I am having some drama with the possibility that I won’t come close to 10 people due to the new price. All of the people in my 8 week program have been made aware of my 12 week program. One lady told me that she isn’t sure she will join due to money. So when I stop and ask myself what is the problem – I guess it is the thought “I may not have 10 people paying me.”

Here’s my models:
C) $2500 for 12 weeks
T) they might say NO because it is too much
F) disappointed/failure?
A) have doubts about the pricing, be squeamish when talking about the program and cost because of a perception that they wont want to join because of the price, not fully show up as the best coach I can be because I am concerned with not adding enough value, doubting my skills and value as a coach
R) I might be automatically saying NO to myself? self -fulfilling prophecy? (not entirely clear on the result I create here). Fail to show up myself?

C) $2500 for 12 week program
T) I will serve the people that come and it will be great no matter how many there are
F) confident (peace)
A) show up the way i normally show up – with a message to deliver, no matter who is listening – not second guessing myself
R) showing up and serving for myself and everyone else (no matter the #)

((I also have a T that even though I only have 2 people that have signed, I have made more $ than with the 8 week program coaching 8 people – and thats so crazy!))

It’s also worth noting that I am totally comfortable with the price of the 12 week package being at $2500. I have no doubt that I can deliver and OVERdeliver at this price. But where I have drama is on the thought that some other people will think it is too much. I guess I can’t make everyone happy and that there are people that will have thoughts on the price no matter what price it is! Ha! I think I answered my own question! Ok, looking forward to your response!