Drastic Change from Rock Musician to Life Coach

Hi! So I am a musician, a teacher, and a cancer survivor who is thinking about becoming a life coach to help other people with illness. Before I got cancer in 2019 I was the lead singer and guitarist of a rock band and we were on our way to getting signed by a record label in Los Angeles. I had been putting every ounce of my focus, energy and passion into the success of the band for 9 years. It was my identity, and my life. My cancer diagnosis changed all of that and I have had to change my lifestyle into a less stressful and more healthy one. I love the coaching world but when I think about starting my own business I am paralyzed by the thought that it will mean [the band] has failed. It is devastating and it breaks my heart. This has been one of the hardest obstacles I’ve had to face when it comes to creating my coaching business. I’m not sure how to change these unnecessary thoughts. Thanks!