E-mail support- how do I charge?

Hi Brooke!
This Thursday is the last class I teach in my free, 6 week (6, 75 min classes) Parenting Teen Daughters Workshop at my daughter’s High School- 20 people have consistently attended. My goal is to lock-in as many pre-paid parents as possible for my 3 upcoming 2 hr. classes held once a month (til school end) on campus. I have 3 Q’s: 1) Would you please review my 3 offer levels and let me know your thoughts. 2) In offer #3 (best value), I’m offering e-mail troubleshooting/coaching- what should I assign as the value of that? (I currently charge $65 and hour for coaching) 3) Should I have a max attendance/membership? I want to keep the group small- I’m thinking 12 max. I don’t want to overcomplicate things or leave people out, but I also want to consciously serve the parents who choose to move from “attendee” to “client”. What are your thoughts on a cut-off? PS- last lesson and this lesson I’m discussing COMMITMENT so I hope this will incentivize this as well 😉
Thanks Brooke!
DROP-IN | $25
-1 parenting class (2 hr).
Parenting Workshop attendees: you can drop-in for class(es) if space is available.
-3 (2 hr) classes ($75 value)
-1 (1 hr) *private parent-coaching
session ($65 value.)
-As a Member, you help choose
class topics.
– 3 (2 hr) classes ($75 value)
– 2 one hour, *private parent-coaching
sessions ($130 value)
– As a Member, you help choose
class topics.
– 3 *e-mail consultations.

*Does not expire.