‘Effing Amazing

Okay. My mind is officially blown.
I am dumbfounded about the relationship between my thinking and who I hire.
And how who I hire just adds evidence to the thinking I have.
I am now almost 5 months into this Scholars process and I feel like I am rooting out some remarkable “poison” now.
However… that “poison” wasn’t poison all the time.. those thoughts did serve me at one time, I figure, or i wouldn’t have thought them.
But now, as they bubble into consciousness, I can feel my feelings … awesomeness.

So.. . How I am leading is changing. I am afraid that my assistant won’t be able to change with me. Maybe that doesn’t matter…. if she does her job then maybe we are good? I am not sure that she is the person who needs to be my person once I am at the goal I am going for. Does that matter though… is that thinking similar to the thinking related to any change “once I am at the goal this will be ________________(fill in the blank… ie fun, bad, amazing, happy etc). If so then this is a signal to pay attention to.

I have had this issue in the past – not just with assistants… but I have held back my growth for another person. And then when I get the courage and momentum, that person/people does leave….. (or I fire them/divorce them).

This isn’t entirely clear so I understand if it is difficult to respond to. I am still sorting it out.