Efforts not being worth it

Hi there! 🙂
Thank you so much for your help!

I’ve been working on my business for 2 years and I’ve made a few thousand dollars.
I truly agree that my thoughts create my business and in the long run, I know that I’ll make it! 🙂
But my problem is for the everyday’s tasks.
I know that taking one step every day will take me far, but I’m struggling when it comes to accomplishing that one task.
I’m measuring my results with the money that I’m making (I guess I should not!) and so, since I’ve been working on it but I’m not making tons of money, I feel like my efforts are not worth my time.
Obviously, I prefer then to do nothing, since I’m not getting too much money, why bother? 🙂 (self-sabotaging ;))
For sure the model that I will show you will explain why I’m not taking action! It’s not being fueled by the right feeling I guess 🙂

Here’s my model:

C. Daily task to build my business
T. My efforts aren’t worth it since I’m not making tons of money.
F. Defeated/discouraged (cannot choose!:))
A. Not taking the action to accomplish the task, overthinking, overplanning, justifying to my partner (and to myself!) that I have it under control…
R. Daily task not being done.

I just want to be able to create my future from my future! But I feel stuck in that model 🙂

Thank you so so much for your precious help! 🙂
Have a great day 🙂