(Elinor) Is my Niche specific enough?? and I would like help figuring out how to give results ahead of time for what I offer..

I am a life coach and yoga teacher. I want to help career moms who have young children at home feel like they have work / life balance – meaning, they are able to focus at work and perform well (get results for the org,, get promoted, get raises, etc.) and still be present with their families. My target market feels overwhelmed and like they are spinning their wheels. They are feeling uncertain and doubtful of their value at work, because they are thinking about not spending enough time with the kids / partner – and when they come home from work they get right to the kids, feeling stressed and anxious, as they carpool them from one activity to the next. They are also checking work emails during family time, worrying about what is expected of them at work, They have no time for self care – they don’t even entertain the idea of self care, because it makes them feel like they are being selfish. They tend to take care of everything else’s needs before their own. They often complain about having ‘no time’ and wish they could feel the way they did before they had kids – energized and physically stronger. They want to exercise, but again, have ‘no time’. After working with me they know how to get back to their center of focus when life is super distracting, and they feel more peaceful in their minds. Complete overwhelm (the kind that causes them to freeze up) is minimized they get more time (literally), their to-do list is shortened and they feel more energized . They feel more balanced at work and home.

I’m also wondering – how can I give them results ahead of time for balance and energy?

Thank you so much!