Eloquence (Nadège)

Hi Brooke!
Thank you so much for your support and your recommendations. I’m going to read Anything by Grant Cardone and How to write copy that sells by Ray Edwards. Would you have anything to suggest as far as eloquence is concerned?
This morning, my daughter and I went shopping. I speak English to her, she answers to me in French most of the time. The saleswoman noticed it and told me about her “pain” in not being able to be fluent in English. So I showed her my brand new bag, sporting my logo and website address, Anglaisance.com. She took a picture of it! There’s my talk to a potential client for the day!
However, I would have liked to tell her a little bit more about it, to know what to say, to sound smart and articulate… At the same time, it was not really the right place and time as we were not the only customers. So what do you suggest to get more “fluent” in advertising, in marketing my stuff?
Thanks a lot!
Nadège in Paris