Embracing the fear

Omg Brooke,

So today I was doing a thought download on my impossible goal of making 100k in my health coaching business and I had a thought that I pulled out.

“I’ll let myself and other people down”

And realized that I’m already letting myself down by not even giving myself the chance.

Then I realized “omg, I’m literally tip toeing around all of this.”
I’m Taking little baby actions.

Thinking about planning for the year and how I’m trying to play it as safe as possible while trying to get to my impossible goal.

I thought “ I have to be ALL IN while attempting this impossible goal” , there has to be massive action.

I really have to be BOLD and show up in a way I’ve have before.

The intentional thought I decided on was “ This is going to be the most epic experience of my life, NO MATTER WHAT”

I got super excited

Then my brain tried to tell me “but it might just all go to shit”

And I thought “oh definitely, and it’s going to be the most epic experience of my life!”

Brain says “BUT you’re gonna fuck it all up”

I say “awesome, I can’t wait! Let’s do it! Let’s fail.”

I get IT.

The past two weeks I was thinking about how to come up with thoughts that will get me to make it all happen but also how I can avoid any possible screw ups.

But I can’t avoid any of it can I?


Accepting that I will suck at things, I will screw things up, I will fail, I may let people down.

And that’s okay…

Cause the flip side of alllll of that beautiful mess…

The view will be absolutely breathe taking.

Now I want to practice being brave and embracing things that scare me.

Like going on a roller coaster that I always tell my boyfriend I don’t want to ride.

After telling him that we need to go on it 5 times, he responded with “who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?!”

Thinking about it makes me want to puke but I still want to do it?!?