Engaging Members to Create a True Community

I have been spending a lot of time and money trying to figure out why my community is not engaging with each other. I have engaged with them one-on-one and they seem fine with that, but they are not engaging with each other, which I don’t understand. I am coming up on having another launch and have several people on my waitlist, but what I would hate is when they login to the website that they see that it’s crickets in there! I’ve made changes with getting them off Facebook which helps with giving them more privacy and freedom to relax and be themselves, but they are still not engaging. How do I build a community that would love working together and collaborate to problem-solve together on what they need to get done to reach their goal? I’ve always envisioned a lively and active community when I first started my business and have been introducing people to each other, have a conversation starter, create prompts for them and I’m just not getting the results. I’d love your input on what I may be doing wrong, because I’ve had two people cancel their membership due to “not what I expected” and “not the community I thought it would be.”