English is not my native language. Can I still get certified as a coach through SCS?

I am thinking that I cannot possibly be the first person to ask his question, which makes me hesitant to ask. Perhaps I should have browsed this site some more, in order to figure out the answer for myself?

Well…(*blushing*) I haven’t and so, the question then remains:

Can I get certified as a coach through SCS if English is not my first language?
Also (just to scare the shit out of myself): Is it possible to be hired as a contractor (by SCS) if English is not my first language?

To be concise, I am Norwegian and I have never studied abroad. Whatever English skills I have, they have gotten inside my mind without me even noticing. Also; I have an accent and my vocabulary is…well….okay, but not great. (Is it meagre? Perhaps it is. I am not the one to judge.)

I mean…my clients might just be a bunch of Norwegian women. How would you be able to judge the quality of my coaching, if you don’t understand Norwegian at SCS?

Also: What if my accent and lack of English vocabulary is holding me back from coaching English speaking clients?

I am not thinking about becoming a coach just now, but I am considering it for next year. And I really (really) like the model! have previously been introduced to something similar (through cognitive behavioural theory), but the way that Brooke talks about the model, really makes everything click.