Entitlement and Taking Action

I uncovered something in my models this morning. This is the first time I’ve identified entitlement as a factor in my actions and results. I haven’t written an intentional model yet b/c I’m sitting with the impact of entitlement. I’m open to possibilities for IMs. I also want to go deeper with what I’ve written below, particularly with the R-line in UM2.

C – I said yes to a short-term part-time job.
T – I don’t trust that I can earn what I need thru just coaching. Not right now.
F – Disempowered
A – Show up half of me to the work I said yes to, Hide behind underearning work that pays the bills. Don’t schedule as much time as I can to creating clients. Be content with 1-2 hours of calls and reachouts a day. Don’t commit to 3-5 hours of connecting with potential clients a day.
R – I don’t trust that I can earn what I need b/c I’m not putting in the time to create it.

C – I need to put in the time in order to create the clients and money I want in my business.
T – I hate this fucking thought b/c I shouldn’t have to put in any time. It should just happen.
F – Entitlement
A – Keep doing what I’m doing expecting different results. Don’t stretch beyond my comfort zone to invest the time in the most important action: connecting with people and invite them to powerful coaching experiences with me.
R – Creating the clients and money doesn’t just happen.