Entrepreneur question… How to give feedback & criticism to your team members

Hi Brooke,

I loved the Entrepreneur call yesterday, and had a question about managing my team members. I have a small marketing agency and one of my contractors dropped the ball on her tasks this weekend. In simple, she forgot to post on a client’s social media pages for 5 days. I had a meeting with her today and addressed it this way:

– Asked her if she wanted to continue working with my company (she said a confident yes, no hesitation)
– From there, gave her constructive feedback on her work (she does not organize & prioritize tasks well)
– Created an outline of “RESULTS” she needs to create for the next 2 months of her contract, organized by category/client
– Went over the outline with her
– Answered any questions, ended the meeting.

She was salty… clearly not happy, disengaged, on the verge of tears, upset, etc.

I was not mean – but I am clear, concise, and direct. I said nothing offensive or personal, just talked about my expectations. My question – how would you have handled it? I left the meeting feeling like it didn’t go well. She certainly didn’t look or act energized to do awesome work for my company in the future. She is a creative person, and totally capable. I just think she needs to refine this skillset… I want her to feel empowered… this is what I told her, but her energy and productivity seemed so, so low.