Entrepreneur Verses Technician Responsibilities

Hi Coaches, I just obtained VIP status (whoot!!! whoot!!!) and I’m more determined than ever to learn how to manage my mind and reach my Impossible Goal of having my own freelance writing business. So, I’m working my way through the Entrepreneur Program and within the Cash Flow and Profit section, Question #3 asks how we can be proactive when generating income instead of reactive. I’m thinking for me it would be to apply for freelance writing jobs every work day (I’m working on a four-day work week). Would that fall under the heading of Entrepreneur or Technician responsibilities? I’m trying to get a handle on each role. I look at the technician as the person who generates income (through writing) and the entrepreneur as the person who manages the finances but also finds the work. Is that correct? Also, the #4 question regarding project profits is unclear for me. I’m still working my day job as I work toward building my writing business. I’m not sure of the expenses I’ll incur aside from books and maybe a web designer for my website. Would I include things like internet service (since I can’t apply online without it) as a business expense? Again, I’m just trying to get my head clear on the year ahead:) I’m nervously excited about all that is to come!
These past six months in SCS has been an eye-opening, awesome experience for me.
Thank you for everything