Entrepreneurial Management – Should I have a full time employee?

I am going through this lesson – first off, IT’S AMAZING. THANK YOU!

I have a team where we have 3 part time people. I’ve found his is helpful because there are so many different hats that it’s overwhelming for one person .

1 person manages our partnerships/monthly content creation for our membership (we do it with partners). Also handles finalizing our blog posts.
1 person manages our community and is a coach, holds Q&As so very involved with members and knows what we teach.
1 person is my assistant – handles all things admin, payments, customer support, logins, access issues, etc. They only work for me and can use as many hours as necessary but average less than 25 per week.

Now I am thinking of making my old assistant a strategic player – putting her on a monthly retainer to manage everyone, check processes, improve processes, do a few tactician roles that she’s great at versus others, etc.

The thing is that none of these roles really warrant a full time position. Combined they definitely would but having them separate lets them “own” that role versus someone having all of the roles and barely surviving.

But Brooke talks about how we should make a full time employee out of our assistant.

So I guess my question is – should I be considering a full time employee?

Honestly, I don’t even really work full time. We’re targeting to be a $450k (realistic)- $500k (possible) revenue business and have a pretty high profit margin (40-50%) so we’re a decent sized business.

Lastly, like covered in the lessons – it scares me to commit to a salary when it’d be probably 25% of my profit margin!

Would love to hear your thoughts.