Entrepreneurs and Rest

How do you rest? I know this sounds like a silly question – but I’ve programmed myself to be busy all the time and I don’t rest. I’ve been full-time self-employed since 1994 – and my focus has always been work. 7 days a week, up early, up late, work weekends, few vacations. For me, “busy and productive” has been a requirement. There’s a quote I love from Tim Ferriss that goes “Being Busy is a Form of Laziness” … and I do think that I’m simply good at filling up time rather than creating specific end-results. When projects are done, I still feel compelled to sit at the computer … learning, reading, whatever. I honestly don’t know what to do when I’m not in my home office, staring at the computer. (When I’m not in the office – I do dishes, clean the house, spend a bit o’ time with my partner, but it’s 90% office-time, most of the time.)

So back to my original question: “How do you rest?” Or rejuvenate? When I used to go to marketing events or masterminds – just getting out of the office for a few days would re-energize me. But I don’t really have the money to attend these events right now. Or go on any vacations. I know this is a weird question – but how does one rest and take a break from this so you can come back energized? And how do you require it or make it a priority so that you’re fresh? Or do you think rest is that important? Curious what your thoughts might be on this.