Entrepreneurship: Niche + creating a solution (6 steps)

I just joined and I’m loving this! I would like feedback on my work from part 1 in the entrepreneurship topic.

1. Is my target group specific enough? Single women ages 25-35, who are heartbroken or single and frustrated living in Copenhagen

2. Does my solution reflect value and benefits sufficiently? “I help women get over their ex and strengthen self worth in 16 weeks or less”

3. In the video ‘formula for value creation’ is it correctly understood that I am supposed to break down the above solution into 6 steps + intro + conclusion (+ homework)? Is this how Brooke recommends creating coaching courses?

Moving forward I will be working on creating my program (the solution), so if there is anything you recommend that I focus on in the study vault, please let me know. Thank you so much!