Epic fail: overturned :))))

Hello Brooke,

I want to share how I overturned an « epic fail », because I got the stamina and dare from the model and SCS ☺ (Yes !!!)

I am writing a blog and counseling women who want out of abusive/violent relationships and to rebuild their lives/themselves (French, 30-50) and I’ll be coming to LC training in August.

I forced myself (epic fail in mind) to contact some people to forward a book project (in line with my blog’s theme) to the person in charge within a fairly large publishing company. (Sweat, sweat and 37 phone calls)
The project was passed on to I did-not-know-whom through I-did-not-know-whom and after a while, I received the standard reply : «.. does not match their editorial line ».
I asked myself : « What would Brooke do ? »… She would say « Whaaaat ? Are you mad ? You’re missing the deal of the century ! Value, my friends, value ! ».
So I contacted them again, asking them to recommend me to a publisher more suitable to my project, since obviously there could never be competition as I was so far off their editorial line.
Result : they went back to look at my blog more closely, they liked it and I got asked to propose a more detailed plan for a book.
No contract yet… but one step closer to the deal : full concentration and massive action. This will be the best book plan ever !

Thank you ☺
Really looking forward to Dallas end of August.