Event title drama

I coach nurses.  My manager has asked me to present a program at a retreat.  I know that if I can get the vibe right and create the title, I can find the content as well.  I have so much drama; I have been trying to think what to call it and what a retreat would call for.  We work on resilience but not as a group face to face.  The vibe that I want is when Brooke makes me feel like I am a butterfly walking.  I just cannot seem to come up with it.

I guess I also think that nurses do not care about a retreat as much as they care about money; that thought can be holding me back.  I came up with “20/20: The Vision of Nurse Resilience” – so stupid, not compelling.  I want it to be “Be the Most Badass Nurse that You Can Be”, or “10x Your Enjoyment of Being a Nurse,” or “Make a Fortune Being a Nurse”.

I have to excite them and nothing excites nurses more than money, vacation, and not working as hard all the time.  I know that nurses are human and they want to be inspired just like the rest of us.  We are business people, essential in a pandemic, trying to make money and school our kids and run marathons – we also share patients’ joys and struggles.

I just need a title and a vibe.  Please help me with where I am not seeing the breakthrough here.