Excited! Non peer coaching – CCP

Advice please. I am currently in coach certification and loving it. I want to begin putting the word out to a large number of contacts for non-peer coaching and would love some advice on best way to move forward.

After doing some self coaching and models this morning, I am really excited to find myself at a place where I’m so ready to move forward in this way. I am even as far as considering making offers either at an introductory/low price rather than free or at least some kind of structured offer, rather than friendly getting the word out email (this is a fantastic leap in mindset for me and I believe it is the effect of my own self-coaching, I’m finally getting it after almost 2 years in SCS – CCP is making a world of difference), and also the “successful” last couple of peer sessions I’ve done as coach and the one non-peer session I’ve done so far (my thought as well as the feedback from the respective “clients”). I’m doing 3 standing peer coaching/client sessions a week and daily self coaching.

Question – is there any reason to wait and “learn how to make an offer” first? I’m anticipating this would be at least partially covered in the Entré track? Is it better to stick to a softer “reach out, let a few people know I’m in coach certification and offer free coaching to anyone who’d like it” kind of vibe (that honestly feels so lame to me right now 😆 but I’m just wanting to check).

As I’m writing this I’m totally anticipating your answer…. “how do you feel when you think the thought (xyz) and “what if there isn’t one right way to do this?” and “the only way you’ll know is by testing”… etc.

Gah 😆 If that’s the answer, that’s fine, great actually. I’m totally up for doing the self coaching and the actions that come. But, also just double checking first. I haven’t heard anyone talk about doing anything other than the softer approach so I’m wanting to make sure I didn’t miss some golden rule if there is one (totally setting myself up with that one).

Thanks so much for feedback! Super excited for all that’s to come.