Exciting Evolution and the Desperation Factor

Hello Friend(s)

I’ve got some exciting decisions to make and I would love your help.


Teaching a mindfulness training at companies and schools (gave myself the goal of earning back my investment and I did that the first week of January 2019!)

Small groups (anywhere from 10-40 people) 4-8 week series

It’s a blend of my Teacher Training in Yoga & Meditation and Life Coaching

My impossible goal for 2019 is to earn $150k

($50k from Teaching and $100k from Coaching)

I’m in the Entrepreneurial Track and decided that I want to start coaching CrossFit athletes using the LCS tools and the meditations I am teaching (just making it more applicable to this group)

I am reaching out to at least 200 local CrossFit boxes and am offering a 1x workshop/challenge (low investment $25) as a way to get into other communities, teach, build an email list since I don’t have one right now and market to them for coaching.

I have 5 boxes secured (one before the Business Workshop and the rest in March and early April) with a goal of 20 by May

I am also reaching out to individuals who know me to start coaching them with my 6-week package and have a few verbal commitments. I’ve also gotten a few “no’s” because they are already working with my sister, who is a CrossFit Coach and study’s and uses the tools (we are both SUPER FANS)

My goal is to secure 10 paying clients before the March workshop.

I feel compelled and committed to seeing this through.

I am going to test it and get great practice.

There’s a but that is preventing me from wanting to actually select this as my niche and create a formal program for them….

Here are the reasons….

I am getting questions and confusion from people. That’s not a problem or a big deal because we both can do this work (my specialty is in the meditation/rest part whereas she is focused more on the performance part)


I want “my own thing.” No confusion. No having to educate anyone on the differences, etc. (and I have done thought work around if my sister wasn’t doing what she’s doing, would I still want to do this/try it and the answer is yes, but I’m also aware of two other things…

I want to create something that is a no-brainer solution…something that someone is already in search for versus someone who it’s a “nice to have” or “should, but doesn’t”…

As I said, I want to follow through and start coaching on the group who makes the most sense for me to JUST START.

But for committing to a niche, I have content that would apply to teachers, and that truly is the group I’ve always wanted to work with, but I have two very different focuses and am wondering if you can help me narrow down the focus and the teacher.

My gut says to go with the first one because I have some experience in it already, but I also don’t want to miss out on this other group who might be desperate for help.

Like BC says, I want to make a FUCKTON of money ($150k is a great start…and set aside the $25k to further my Coach Training in 2020)

First one:

Last year, I shared my mindfulness training with (3) groups of 200 hour and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainees. BEST EXPERIENCE EVER. Teaching Teachers how to incorporate more mediation into their teaching is needed. I’m 500 hour certified and I’ve always wanted to shine a spotlight on the underdog that is rest and meditation. Not only that, but I get questions from other teachers on how to even get into places to teach. I’ve done all that and am doing it now. And, there is not a program that I know of that specializes in teaching meditation and life coaching. I’ve always wanted to design my own methodology in meditation (along with the tools) and build a group community. I would do the 1 on 1 coaching and then build a small closed group (8-16 week program and charge between $2k-$4k, haven’t decided yet)

Second one:

Some of the schoolteachers I’ve met with (and their teacher friends) are so stressed out and anxious that they drink too much and overeat. I have never struggled with alcohol and rarely drink, but I have experience with overeating and overeating sugar. These teachers are drinking bottles of wine at night and I know that with the tools here and my meditations they would feel better and teach better…

I realize there is no crystal ball here…no right or wrong…but I was curious what you are seeing from the overdrinking/overeating side of things.

I have SO MUCH CONTENT and once I make the decision want to go ALL IN.

I cannot wait to see you and everyone in March! I am leaving that workshop with more clarity than I have now and that is super exciting.

So much love and gratitude