Expectations of everything I do in my business

I decided to start getting up earlier to reach my goal. As I was self-coaching, I realized I was hoping this one thing would be THE thing to help me get to my 20 clients goal.

C: Getting up early
T: Maybe this will be the thing that gets me to my goal
F: desperate
A: get up but wish I didn’t have to, believe I’m a martyr for my cause, hit the snooze button, play my day and still not see enough time to do everything that has to be done to be successful
R: I’m always looking for the one thing that’s going to put me over the top?

First, I’m stuck on what my result is from this type of thinking. Is this correct?
I wrote about this expectation a little bit and how I put expectations on programs or things I decide to do, hoping they will be the things that get me where I want to go.

I have a friend who said she decided she was happy with her life. She didn’t have to make any money. But she said this after her husband got a job that made a ton of money. A year later she had a huge program with 150 people in it.

I see that and think, how do I get to the place where I’m not expecting getting up early to be THE thing. Or self coaching to be THE thing. Did deciding my friend didn’t have to make money the THING that got her where she is now? Is that the thing I’m missing?

I’ve heard lots of people say that once they started doing their own work then they became wildly successful. So even my self-coaching here, right now, I’m hoping will get me to my 20 clients.

How do I stop the constant expectations of the things I do and of myself and just enjoy the process of signing 20 clients?

I don’t think I’m not enjoying my life but maybe I’m not because I’m putting all these expectations on it.

What is next for me? What should I be doing a model on?