External factor negatively affects my business, can we still say the R was because of my T?

I’m working on this concept: If I don’t like my R, take a look at my T. What about when my T is good but external circumstances affect the R, then the R isn’t a result of my T? Here are two examples:

C: attend European trade show
T: This is a great opportunity to grow our European sales
F: determined
A: prepare for trade show, Attend trade show, Follow up after trade show
R: list of leads but COVID hits and no sales

C: company growing and sales increasing
T: it’s so exciting to lead a growing company
F: engaged
A: hold strategic planning with managers, Personal coaching for myself as leader, Hire additional personnel, Take on more space
R: sales drop by 75% because of COVID

Are these both times when the R isn’t a result of the T? Thanks for your help.