Facebook Ad for artist p2

Brooke, thank you for pointing out the disconnect there. I can see clearly now.
Here’s my solutions, and I’d like your feedback, please.

1. As I do have two target audience, buyers and painters, and some of them overlap as some of the painters also buy art, I will continue to do my Friday Painting Like weekly. But I will make a new Facebook ad to target potential buyers more specifically. My landing page will be about the Friday Painting Like and the benefits – to reconnect with the beauty and wellbeing of the world and inside of ourselves through art. On the landing page, I can feature one or a few paintings, plus some feedback from subscribers. What do you think?

2. My existing Facebook Ad on the free art book, it’s doing quite well at $0.48 per sign up, click-through rate is just over 50%, and almost 60% of those click-through to the page signs up. I’m launching a new art course at the end of January. Do you think it’s a good idea to continue running the same ad?

Thank you.