Facebook Ad Results

Hi Brook,

I’d like your input to my most recent FB advertising effort. This is my third effort so far. Here are some results.

Duration: 12-5 -12/10 * Budget: $5/day * Spend: $26.00 * CPM: $34.15 * Impressions: 767
CTR: 2.10% * Link Clicks: 16 * CPC: $1.64
On my landing page Clicked ‘Download Button’: 7
Confirmed 2nd step of email confirmation: 5 * Landing Page conversion rate: 31%
CPC Cost per Lead: $5.20.

Somewhat as an aside, Google Analytics shows 66 view of this landing page during this time period. There are no links to this page from anyplace except the FB ad, so where are all these views coming from?

So obviously the first issue is scale – I’m not putting this in front of many people yet. I intend to experiment with my audience selection, and of course am willing to increase my budget. I know that you have said not to make judgements about ones funnel until 100 people have gone through it. I assume you mean 100 have come out the end, not 100 going into it. Is that right?
Given the low numbers so far, can you make any suggestions? Is the ad doing ok, with the CTR of 2.1%? Is the conversion rate on the landing page of 30% acceptable?

My goal with this ad is to get subscribers, with whom I’ll do mini-sessions with goal of selling my 7-session program (Anger Mastery) for $995. Based on your past experience, what are typical conversion rates from leads (subscribers) to mini-sessions, and from mini-sessions to sales?

Thanks for all you do!