Facebook Ads Advice

Hi Coaches!

I am a jewelry artist and have a very successful business and lovely website that does well. I have been in business for about 13 years and have been spending about 2% of my revenue on marketing. I did some research and most websites suggest putting from 6-8% of revenue into marketing. This is exciting to me. I sold 200,000 last year only spending 2% on marketing, so moving forward my hope is to really grow my revenue by increasing traffic to my website.

I am a big believer in figuring things out on my own, then eventually delegating to someone else. This is partly a control thing, but also I like to be able to be educated and check in on processes once I delegate. So, I spent a few hours learning more about running ads on facebook and feel pretty comfortable that I know what I am doing and I also feel like I know my target customer etc…. SO, my question is, how long do you think I should run an ad before I possibly turn it over to a professional? It would be amazing if I did a great job setting it up, and can tweak if I need to in order for it to produce traffic for me. But how long would you suggest running the ad? Do I give it a try for a month or two to see if it works? 6 months? Frank Kern is probably much better at this than I am but I thought I would at least give it a try before looking into turning it over to his company. I would love any advice~

I love being a scholar!!!