Facebook Ads for other than Life Coaching

Hi Brooke,
In the following scenario, can you please give me your opinion of how I am using Facebook ads and even if its appropriate for our photography business. Using the following ad strategy, I have had only one person opt in to my lead page in the last 4 days (spent $42) and request appointment times. The page was viewed about 60 times.
Campaign on dog photography sessions (very similar to the portrait of the Boston Terrier in your office (saw it on Behind the Scenes). I am advertising photography sessions that cost $149 on FB using a link to lead pages (prints and wall art sold separately). Audience is women earning 125K plus who like high end dog products and other dog interests such as American Kennel Club, various dog publications etc. There is no “freebie opt in”. We don’t want to shoot for free as that seems to attract people who are looking for free stuff and not willing to invest. We are very experienced (not some dude with a fancy camera). We are trying to branch out of wedding photography. The leadpage has samples of our photography, a link to our website gallery, a link to our pricing document and also a “tell us about your dog” form if they are interested in scheduling an appointment that goes to our email. I don’t feel like we are offering results ahead of time and I recall one podcast where you mentioned that trying to sell something directly on FB doesn’t convert well. On another call you stated that you CAN create value without offering a discount or freebie and many times your refer to selling art but don’t elaborate if and how that ties into FB. I’m confused because our business does not fall into the “opt in” for a freebie funnel that you are recommending for life coaches. Any insight would be appreciated!! So excited to be a SCS!! Lucy Miles