FaceBook ads (Nadège)

‘Morning Brooke!
I’m about to use FaceBook ads for the first time (thanks to Claire Pelletreau) and I’m finding all kinds of resistance in the process.
First, I wanted to grow my list organically and I’m pretty satisfied that my podcast has been listened to as many times each month since January when I only advertised it for the first month of the year.
Today, I found that I have this deep-seated belief that I shouldn’t advertise my strengths, that it’s indecent.
C – ads
T – It’s indecent to put one’s qualities forward.
F – resistant
A – I don’t explain what Anglaisance is to the people who don’t know about it, I drag my feet instead of going forward with FB ads
R – I haven’t got my own back
But, of course, I realise that “it’s indecent” is just an opinion. What I actually find kind of “obscene” is people who say that they are the best, the only ones, who erase all other people. But that’s not me. So I’m thinking on focusing on my strengths by explaining where they come from, by thanking my teachers (among whom, no other than the fantastic Brooke Castillo and her amazing team, of course!) and my students who’ve taught me so much over the years. It’s more like me.
C – FB ads
T – I can talk about my skills humbly
F – at ease
A – I draw up the list of all my skills and to whom I owe them, I tell people about my background and all that I have learnt that can, maybe, help others
R – I have my own back!
What are your thoughts about that?
Thank you and have a great day!