facebook drama

I can’t figure out this Facebook stuff; yes, I realize that is a thought

I have a personal/profile page that I have had for 10 years- my personal family stuff

I also created a BIZ page – mindful living with Dr. Sogol- it is a PUBLIC page, and mindfulness coaching for female minority physicians – this group is private.

My questions are:

What do I run the ad on?
Do I run it under the BIZ page_ mindful living w Dr. Sogol?
Do I run it under the GROUP? ( i don’t think I can do this)
Do I even need a BIZ page, or can I make a GROUP page under my profile page?
Do I invite people from the profile page, which are mostly doctors, to my BIZ page?

I hate technology – yes, I know another thought; that’s why I have been sitting on this for a month – ridiculous!