Facebook Group Help!

I am just starting out with wellness/health coaching. I created a FB group called “Don’t Gain the Quarantine 15” which has nearly 150 members in under a week (I’m pretty excited). That said – the members are all my facebook friends, only about 10 people are people that are friends of friends, recruited into the group. The group has been fairly engaged, people are posting pictures, recipes, workouts, etc. It’s been a lot of fun. I’m just not sure how and when to transition it to specifically a “Weight Loss Group”. I’ve been imagining that at the end of the quarantine, I would let people know that the group will transition to a weight loss group, and those still interested can stay on (I would either need to change the name of the group, or start a new group, not quite sure). Anyway – I have a lot of ideas for free content that I would want to offer to people interested in losing weight (initial instructions on the Model, thought downloads, connections between thoughts and feelings, etc etc) but I don’t know that all members in the group would be interested in it. So my question is: should I start putting this content out anyway, since I want to start planting the seeds for transitioning the group once the quarantine is over? Should I wait? I am not quite sure. Thanks so much in advance!!