Facebook Launch now or later

I’m thinking of my business FB page like a launch and have kept it unpublished until I’m ready to make a great first impression – with somewhere to direct people who visit for the first time – besides to my website. So, I have a very helpful printable freebie that I’m putting on my site and also creating a landing page to direct people to – but I literally have 22 people on my list – just finished website. My burning question is – should I go ahead and publish the FB page, maybe announcing it on my personal FB page and start running a few FB Ads even though there’s not much content on the FB page or my website yet? Or is is better to wait. I want to be strategic about it and am concerned that if there isn’t too much there to begin with – people won’t come back when there is. It feels like the proverbial question – what comes first, the chicken or the egg? I appreciate the business advice very much.