Facebook Launch Question

I recently decided to GO FOR IT in Facebook. My website is still being designed, but i have a temporary one set up for now (basically just some landing pages). I’ve been figuring out Facebook ads through trial and error.

I have two specific issues I am encountering. I’ve had GREAT engagement with one of my post ads– however not everyone is taking the step to sign up for my lead magnet (or even like my page). I want to reach out to them and make sure they know about my freebie. Is that okay? A fb message?

One of my ads has a subscribe button, and I had 32 subscribes within 3 hours!! However, even though I have integrated AWeber with fb (through zapier) the ad is not linking to my confirmation page and thank you page so people aren’t getting a reminder to confirm, nor are they being linked to my freebie. It works seamlessly from the Facebook page, just not the ad. Any suggestions on why this may be? Thank you!