Failed again at being consistent with all I want to get done in the week: YouTube, Tiktok, IG, Facebook, Podcast, emails & DM’s…

It’s almost Friday Hour Done, and I’m not done with all I would have liked to get done this week.

  • Post 2 videos on YouTube like I did last week: I just uploaded the new videos from the camera to the phone.
    Maybe I’ll post it tonight or Sunday night.
  • Podcast is done, just have to publish it. And make the new one in English.
  • Email on a Friday afternoon? Because if I postpone it till Sunday night, it may work well too, right?

I worked with more discipline this week, yet I’m not there yet, thriving & doing everything I planned.
Not because I don’t want to. It’s like I take longer to do things than I calculate on my calendar.