Failing ahead of time

So my goal is to make 100k by Dec 2018 in my health coaching business…

This month, all my doubts are in my face… I spent most of it trying not to buffer and buffering.
I did my thought download and model today.

Here’s what came up
– I dont know what Im doing
-People just want a quick fix
-Thats not what Im about
-I have no discipline
-Im scared
-I might screw it all up
-It would have been all for nothing
-I’d be wasting my time


C- Impossible goal
T- I’d be wasting my time
F- Defeated, Self Pity
A- Self-sabotage, don’t take any real action, beat myself up over it, Buffer on tv/food/sleep
R- Wasted time buffering

I can clearly see how I am proving my thought… I just continue to stay stuck in this loop.


C-Impossible goal
T- I’m going to make this the most fun experience of my life no matter the outcome
F- Excited
A- Show up, lead with my heart, be myself, give help to my people, do the work, learn from experience
R- I spent 2018 living my life on purpose through courage, love and epic adventure.

The second model definitely makes me feel good but the good feels don’t last very long.

Is that cause I’m allowing the other thoughts back in?

Do you have any other suggestions for thoughts?

Thanks Brooke