Failing business due to covid

I gave my first model a go after a brain dump but not really sure what’s next. How do I change my thoughts about the circumstance?

Brain dump:
We should have never opened a business
This is too much work for nothing
We are losing money every month
We had the worst possible timing
Covid sucks and the way our government is handling sucks too
We might have to shut down
All other franchisees were making 70% more before covid – we lost the opportunity
I’m not good at this
This is a drain
I’m frustrated and want more balance so I can enjoy life
I am not doing work I love
Why did I agree to this?
We are going to lose the business and the $250K investment

C We are not making enough money to cover our expenses. Still unable to pay rent.
T We should have never opened a business
F Discouraged
A Withdraw from the business, procrastinate, make excuses
R We continue to not make enough money to cover expenses

Thanks for taking the time to help me 🙂