Fausse générosité

I have an offer that includes 2 products for a price.
Price that I think already low.

Could you help me to understand why I find myself accept to give 3 products instead of the 2 initially proposed?

It seems that I do not assume my price when I think it is too low.
It seems that things are going well because my offer seems more generous, but it is me who pays the high price because I find myself working more to earn less!

I don’t seem to know how to say no to people, but mostly I feel like charging low prices is less pressurizing, not getting paid my fair value seemed more comfortable until then but I want to get out of that. I want to stop being an imposter.

To falsely come across as someone generous when I am not.
I mean, I’m a generous person, I really believe it in the way I work with love, investing a lot in the satisfaction of my clients, but I also want to be paid well and grow my income.

Could you help me to enter that into models for growing myself?

C/ I have an offer that includes 2 products for a price.
T/ my price is already low
F/ frustration defeat
A/ I offer 3 products instead of 2 for the same price !!!
I blame myself to doing this

Result: I make my price even lower!

The result I want is offering more (3 products instead of 2), but earn more and feel generous!