FB ads for wine business

My husband and I produce super-premium and ultra-premium wines, and a year ago we started a wine club subscription service where members receive a quarterly shipment. Members have loved it and membership has remained steady (a few people leaving but a few people joining) even during Covid. Now it’s time for us to add more members.

Our Ideal Client Avatar is someone who enjoys wine already, has disposable income, is used to spending at least $20 per bottle and they would spend more if they knew more about it and were helped to derive more pleasure from it. The extra cost (our wines are on average $40 a bottle) is worth it to them when they know the story behind the wine and when they can feel smart about pointing out why $40 or $80 is worth it. They love being the person at the dinner party who brings the unique wine and knows the story behind it, and/or offers the interesting conversation starter about the wine everyone is enjoying. They love travel, especially unique adventure travel, and used to incorporate more of both into their lives, but because of their work or family they can’t do as much of that any more. They are hungry for other ways to get their adventure and uniqueness ‘fix’ that don’t require them leaving home. Our wine shipment is delivered to their doorstep every quarter.

When thinking of a freebie to offer, we thought that our Ideal Client Avatar would enjoy a weekly email called Weekly Wine Fact, where we share one quick fact about high-end wine, something fun for wine lovers to know and also it helps educate the people on our list about the many facets of producing high end wine vs. the cheaper mass-produced kind. Our thought there is that it speaks to our audience’s desire to be ‘in the know’, and also, the more our people understand about all that goes into producing the wine, the more confident they’ll be in buying it and joining the wine club.

We’ve started Facebook ads that lead to a landing page for people to sign up to our email list. The sign-ups have been low. The best we’ve done is $25 per email signup. Way too expensive for us! The click-through of the ad seems ok. It’s the landing page, apparently, that’s not converting. We’re testing different versions of that but so far haven’t gotten below $25/lead.

Any suggestions?

I’m assuming the freebie is ok bc the ad is getting clicks, and it’s all about landing page performance. Or is there something else we need to be checking here?

Thank you!