FB Ads and List Building

Hi Brooke and Coaches!

I have decided on a very specific niche and have started to develop an online course with Teachable.

My question is about sales funnels. I don’t have anyone on my list yet and I’d planned on using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to my website sales page which would have an opt in. I’ve already done my freebie and I’m hoping it will convert.

I’m just wondering, if I want 10 clients per month buying my course initially, how much am I going to have to spend on FB Ads? I’ve heard that online courses convert at 0.02 of your email list, so that will mean I will need 500 people to have opted in a month. And if opt in conversion from FB ads is 1% then I’m going to need to buy 50,000 clicks? Does that sound right or am I way off the mark? That will be £20,000 for every 10 people signing up for my course and that’s obviously not going to work.

Please tell me I’ve got the wrong information? Or have you any other tips for building your email list?

Thanks so much. I LOVE SCS!