FB ads Models

Here’s what I’ve written:
C: FB Ads
T: better run them now as advised and pay 💰
F: stress over budget
A: spend 💰 when money is tight
R: no ads, growth is slower

T: I can follow advice, I can invest in my business
F: it’s okay to pay to get this right
A: spend money
R: great ads, but result is still unknown- it’s a FB ad!

T: I can be patient with myself and my business
F: Calm
A: make a social media calendar
R: Pay for them when scheduled

T: I’ve learned many things, I can learn FB ads
F: courage, capable
A: study FB ads
R: learn the backend of FB, create my own ads, save money

This is helpful, but I’m still indecisive as to which thought I should entertain. Answering what I want (result) is hard- IDK what I want?!
I want too much!
Great ads
Save money
Learn new skills and the time to do so