Fear of leaving job

’m trying to go from just wanting to being fully committed.

I’m tip toeing around this business stuff and moving at snails pace.

My goal was to quit my job ( a few times now) and then be ALL IN on building this health coaching business from the ground up.

But now, I’m too afraid to quit because it doesn’t feel smart to leave after not having that much saved.

There are days where my brain can full on see the possibilities of success and I can envision myself being that badass entrepreneur that I know I can be by just LIVING from that place NOW.

But I’m immediately flooded with how bad that idea is and how I spent all my savings on Self Coaching Masterclass.

I feel almost ridiculous for asking to be coached on this because this just feels like the same problem over and over.

But I care too much to just give up on myself.

OKAY so after really thinking about this, i think i understand what happened.

I decided I was going to quit my job – got excited and pumped for what was next.

THEN freaked out… started going through thoughts that created a shit ton of doubt.

subconsciously declared in my head that I was likely NOT going to follow through ( because its what I do)

Then completely went off plan and slowed all my progress down so that in the end — I had all this evidence and reasons for NOT quitting.

hmmm. SHIT. Interesting.

There was a point where I wanted to quit because I hated my job. NOW, I really like my job. Daily, I think about how amazing it is to have a job where I can walk around and listen to my podcasts, go to the top of a building and see the beautiful view of everything. (I work in security). The people don’t piss me off as much anymore LOL. I find them amusing and actually have a much better relationship with them. Things have truly turned around. It is SOOO much better for sure. Even with this newfound joy here– I want to go.

BUT Now… I just don’t want to leave cause I am so afraid to leave what i think is a “secure” job — a steady paycheck. I don’t make nearly close to what I wish to make (100k), currently, I make like 25k a year. but I can pay my bills.

Whether I still had savings or not, this HUGE FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN both excites me and scares me. The good feels don’t last very long — doubt comes in and I want to call it quits and stay where it’s “safe”.

I thought about this lastnight and said “April i will leave” but truly something is telling me I will just keep pushing it off. Cause then i thought “well maybe May or June”


I will most definitely revisit this topic when i see you in February (ONLY 3 MORE WEEKS! YASS)

But is there anything you can say on this before then??