Fear of Failure AND Success

I’m launching my online course for the 4th time next week. It’s the first time I’ll be doing webinars to teach and then sell my course. I started running fb ads last night and almost 100 people have signed up already.

I’m feeling so nervous and scared, of what? Succeeding? I find myself hoping I don’t get too many people because what if I can’t handle it? I’m just one person and all these people will be watching me. What if they don’t find it valuable and see it as a sales tactic and a waste of their time?

OR What if they all buy my course? What if it’s a huge success?

Ugh, that thought makes me feel sick but confused because isn’t that the point? To succeed? It’s like I want to succeed but just in small, manageable amounts. I also have huge scary goals. I also want to hide.